Jen seeks to help and solve intractable educational challenges to ensure a strong support system for students. She focuses on various elements that drive a strong system; leadership, teaching, learning, and assessment. Jen's "systems thinking" is a vital component of what drives student outcomes. She has the ability to develop systems that are multifaceted that are designed to effectively change the students that are relevant to students' needs. 

Gloria Trejo  Ed.D 
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 

Working with Mrs. Tapia within a leadership capacity provided me an opportunity to build capacity and support my teachers in gaining knowledge to impact student learning. The systematic and innovative methods that were brought forward provided me a solid foundationto keep working collaboratively to meet and even surpass our SMART goals. The systems that were put in place provided a clear path for all in meeting student needs. I had such a positive eperience with Mrs. Tapia and I look forward to continuing to extend my experience in the near futre. 

Jackie Campos